Qualities of Good Speaker

Qualities of Good Speaker

How to speak so that people want to listen to You?

Human voice, is a powerful tool that can change the moods of  one or many from Bad to Good or can lead to devastating wars and Fights. Qualities of Good Speaker are very much essential for a Matured one.  People loves to talk and share their opinions to others while some wants to gossips, chit-chats and give lectures.

But their are some very dangerous things which should keep in minds some of these following:

7 Deadly Sins of Speaking

1. Don’t gossip. When you talk to someone who gossips, do you wonder whether they’re talking behind your back?

2. Avoid judgement. This goes hand-in-hand with gossip, in my opinion. When you judge, you make your listener feel like you’re judging him. And maybe you are.

3. Ditch the negativity. Do you know someone who has something bad to say about everything? That’s no fun!

4. Quit complaining. Complaining is a lot like negativity, but it’s more unbidden. Someone who offers up a laundry list of complaints is exhausting to listen to. Treasure calls complaining “viral misery.”

5. Stop making excuses. Don’t be a “blamethrower!” People who complain (#4!) and don’t take responsibility for their part in how things are playing out are hard to listen to.

6. Don’t exaggerate. Treasure says that this habit – which he calls “embroidery” – demeans our language. Exaggeration is the worst. (See what I did there?)

7. Ditch the dogma. No one likes being bombarded with opinions, especially when those opinions are presented as fact.

These are some of the Things which should be Re-revised,  If these Qualities are embedded in You, then the time for You to change has finally came, No one wants a guy talking bad about themselves behind their backs and neither will you.

Leaving A Good Impression is a very Difficult Task from your Body language and the way you Talk to others.

If You want to know which Qualities should be within You, then Your work of finding them have been done Easier ; Now your only work is to Practice them daily.

Qualities of Good Speaker;

1. Be honest.

2. Be authentic.

3. Have integrity.

4. Operate from a place of love.

Which can be converted to a Short form to remembered, HAIL which has spoken by Julian Treasure , a writer, which had talked wonderfully about these things and also kinda Inspired me to write these Post, so more and more people can become of of Them.

If you want to know (click here)

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